Saturday, December 12, 2009

13.1 Reasons Why Running a 1/2 Marathon is a Good Thing

1. I realized that if I set a goal, work hard and focus, I can do anything.

2. Running is like a drug, once you start, you can’t stop, yet it’s good for you.

3. 13 miles is only ½ of a marathon. I can do that right? Yes, you can! Even after mile 11 when you want to crawl in a ball and throw it all in, you will make it!

4. Runners are nicest people you will ever meet. If it wasn’t for the lady behind me yelling at me and telling me not to let her beat me, I would have quit at mile 11.

5. You learn a lot about yourself.

6. Bragging rights.

7. The really cool finisher’s medal.

8. It puts things into perspective. Don’t flog yourself for not meeting your goal. You made it! And I guarantee you, you probably weren’t last. Celebrate the accomplishment.

9. There are really cute running outfits that look good on everyone!

10. You can eat virtually anything you want afterward and not feel guilty. I burned 1,400 calories.

11. It's good for your heart, your soul, your body and your mind.

12. It makes you want to try harder to do better next time.

13. Which brings me back to No. 2, it’s addictive and there will always be a next time. Face it, all the pain was worth it and you want to do it again. Back to No. 12…

13.1 That’s the best damn looking finish line you’ve ever seen and no matter how tired you are, when you see it, you’ll sprint faster than you ever have in your life.

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