Saturday, April 17, 2010

Personal goals are just that, personal

Before you read this blog, if you haven't watched Coach Jeff's video, watch it.

I admit. I have high standards. I put great pressure on myself to try hard to do better. I may be crazy and bite off more than I can chew, But what I don't do is put this same level of expectation on anyone else. These are my personal goals, and they are just that...personal.

The reason I love running so much is because it's a great community. I have never had anyone tell me that I suck or that they don't want to run with me because I'm too slow. I have never had anything but encouragement and love from this community. It's why I love it so much. It's not a competition between us, but a competition within ourselves and how far we can push ourselves mentally and physically. This is why I love long-distance running. I'm never going to win a marathon, but I will achieve my goal goals.

The person in this video that Coach Jeff references is one of my best friends. And I will tell you she is the most determined, good-hearted individual you will ever, ever meet. Her goals aren't the same as mine. But that doesn't make her ANY less or more of an athlete. The one thing it takes to be an endurance athlete is courage. Anyone who makes the commitment to train and run a marathon, whether it's a sub-3, sub-4 or 5+ hours, it takes the same amount of courage to do it. And no one should be looked down upon for that.

We couldn't be successful in this sport without a positive community: from the volunteers at races, to the race directors, to the elites, to the newbies, it takes all of us to treat each other with the same amount of respect as you would treat anyone.

So, next time you're at a race, take the time to thank a volunteer, smile and wave at the crowd who is there cheering you on, or volunteer and give back to the sport. It takes each of us working together as a team.


  1. Got a little mist in my eye on this one :)

  2. Agree with Joe, tugged at the ol heart strings. The running community is indeed awesome. We all feel the same pain running long distances, it's just over quicker for the faster ones among us.

    nice post :)