Sunday, July 18, 2010

Too Hot To Handle 15K - Damn it really was!

There's a reason why this race is called Too Hot To Handle. If you have ever wondered what if feels like to run on Mars, this race will simulate it. Needless to say, this was not a PR, but I didn't flub it either.

I ran 1:28:34, 30th AG out of 128, 369 out of about 1,200 total runners. Eh, I'll take it.

I hate to say it, but this race was the worst run race I have ever been to. And it has potential to be good.

For starters, the race was 30 minutes late. And in this Texas heat, every minute is precious. It was about 90 degrees when we started. This race is entirely on the lake; therefore, it should have started at 6:30 or 7 a.m. We started at 8 a.m. with an advertised start of 7:30.

There was supposed to be Poweraid and water at every mile on the course. There was, but the Poweraid was so watered down it was light blue water. My biggest issue with this is that it is a SAFETY ISSUE.

There were a lot of cyclists on the path, one even so rude as to yell at runners to get out of his way. However, he did skip up a curb, blew a tire and flipped over his handle bars. Karma, dear friend, karma.

Then we get to the end, no water. I finally found a table where volunteers were filling buckets with a hose and then dipping cups in the vat to give to runners. Serious health code violation.

The only thing positive I have to say about this race is that they had a great bag check and village with beer and pizza. You got a nice tech tank and a hat. That's about it.

Unfortunately, I tried to tell some RunOn folks at the finish line about the issues of no water at the finish, the sanity conditions and the lack of electrolytes on the course and no one seemed to care.

Ok, enough complaining. Here are some pics of me and Bojana!


  1. You are right. They could have done a better job ensuring that the water stations were properly stocked. Im proud of us. It was hot!!

  2. Wow, sorry to hear the race was so poorly organized. I had to deal with that during a bike ride in May - very poorly supported and maintained. My riding partner and I actually ended up riding our own route because the signage was crap! I'm glad you made it through, though! Crazy being out in this heat, isn't it?

  3. This race has had issues before and seems to continue to have some issues. One year they had a line so long to get timing chips that many missed the start. As far as the bikes go they have a race out there almost every week. Couple years ago there was talk about having more control over the number of races. It is too bad they had issues again, this is really a good race and have enjoyed in in the past

  4. The Bear approves of your race report and gives you a hug.