Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Goals

I'm somewhat reluctant to write goals. I'm not feeling like a rock star lately and I'm trying to avoid setting myself up for failure. It's been a rough few months and I'm trying to get back on my feet. But that said, I feel compelled to put something out there to force myself to try harder to do better. So here goes something...

Pesky 5K
Oh how I hate you. This year, I want to lock in a sub 24.

Mr. Marathon
You use me and abuse me. But I still keep coming back to you for more. I think I'd like to sub 4 you.

Sprint Tri
You are my new fling. We went on a little date in October and I had so much fun. We're going to do this again in March on the same course and I would like to shave 5 minutes off my bike. Not that I don't like spending much time with you. I really do, but I'd like to stand on the podium.

Olympic Tri
You don't scare me. We have not met yet, but you don't scare me. We'll see each other in June and I'll see how much I like you.

70.3 Half Ironman Austin

I admit it. You are a little intimidating. Right now you are bigger and stronger than me. But I'll be ready for you, that I promise you. I know you have big hills. Something called the quad killer. But pain is temporary and pride is forever. So I'll take your hills. Bring it. But I won't let you abuse me for more than 7 hours.

So there you go. 2011 in a nutshell. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

I'm a planner. I'm type A. I spend a lot of time thinking about what's next...what's my next race, what's my next PR, what's my next endurance event to push myself harder, faster. But I owe it to myself to look back to see what I have accomplished in my second year of running (and first year of this multi-sport thing).

Here are the stats from 2010:

20 races - 23 miles swam - 370 miles biked - 1,417 miles ran

4 5Ks - 1st place age group, 2nd place age group, 3rd place age group

4 10ks - Two 2nd place age group

2 15ks

6 half marathons - Set a fantastic PR 1:54:09

3 full marathons - 2 kicked my ass. But redeemed myself and set 24-minute PR with a 4:11:24 at Fort Worth Marathon

1 sprint triathlon

It's been a damn good year. I have to thank my friends who have supported me through all the ups and downs in 2010. I'm not going to lie, there were some pretty big disappointments, but I've finally been able to put those behind me and move forward. Sometimes I need to fall flat on my face to get back up on my feet and try harder to do better.

What's Next? 2011 - The Year of the Triathlon

Of course, you didn't think I could close this blog without a look ahead?
I've declared 2011 The Year of the Triathlon. Oh I have a few marathons thrown in just for fun, but my eyes are on Austin 70.3 in October. Stay tuned!