Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

I'm a planner. I'm type A. I spend a lot of time thinking about what's next...what's my next race, what's my next PR, what's my next endurance event to push myself harder, faster. But I owe it to myself to look back to see what I have accomplished in my second year of running (and first year of this multi-sport thing).

Here are the stats from 2010:

20 races - 23 miles swam - 370 miles biked - 1,417 miles ran

4 5Ks - 1st place age group, 2nd place age group, 3rd place age group

4 10ks - Two 2nd place age group

2 15ks

6 half marathons - Set a fantastic PR 1:54:09

3 full marathons - 2 kicked my ass. But redeemed myself and set 24-minute PR with a 4:11:24 at Fort Worth Marathon

1 sprint triathlon

It's been a damn good year. I have to thank my friends who have supported me through all the ups and downs in 2010. I'm not going to lie, there were some pretty big disappointments, but I've finally been able to put those behind me and move forward. Sometimes I need to fall flat on my face to get back up on my feet and try harder to do better.

What's Next? 2011 - The Year of the Triathlon

Of course, you didn't think I could close this blog without a look ahead?
I've declared 2011 The Year of the Triathlon. Oh I have a few marathons thrown in just for fun, but my eyes are on Austin 70.3 in October. Stay tuned!


  1. Since I started following you, you have done an awesome job. Sometimes you do, just like you said, have to fall down and pick yourself back up! Look forward to the year of the triathlon.

  2. That's some serious racing in 2010, nice work.

  3. That is awesome. Congrats on selecting Austin 70.3 as your A race. I can't wait to follow your journey through this multi-sport lifestyle but let me warn you it is AWESOMELY ADDICTIVE.

    There are few things in life I love more than the multi-sport lifestyle.

    See you next weekend at the 15k.

  4. Congrats on an awesome 2010 and welcome to Triathlon! Austin 70.3 should be a great race. I did Buffalo Springs 70.3 (in Texas) a few years back. I expect to see you at an Ironman next year! :)

  5. Thank you everyone! Yes, IM is on the plan for 2012. Just need to pick which one!