Monday, February 21, 2011

My First Duathlon

On a whim, I decided to do a duathlon. My friend Chris posted on Facebook, "Who's doing TMS Duathlon this Sunday?" Duathlon? Sunday? I have no plans. I need to get on my bike anyway. I need the experience. Why the hell not? So within minutes, I signed up for the Texas Motor Speedway Duathlon on Feb. 20, 2011 -- 2 mile run, 16 mile bike, 2 mile run.

My first thought as I pulled into the parking lot was, "I bet there is a million dollars worth of bikes here." Oh, the bike porn. So sexy. You can't help but stare.

It was a blustery day! The wind was fierce. It can always be windy at the speedway, but today was really windy. I knew I would have a hard time out there on that bike.

Run 1 - 2 Miles: 15:48, average pace 7:54
Women started in the final wave. The run was 2 loops on the inner track at TMS. I started in the middle of the pack. I wanted to take the first mile a little slower. I finished in 8:06 and felt really good. So I kicked it up for a 7:35 pace for mile 2.
TMS Duathlon Run by smlundsberg at Garmin Connect - Details

T1 - :54 seconds
I wasn't too worried about T1. Grabbed my bike, and off to battle the wind.

Bike - 16 miles: 58:27, average page 16.4 mph
The wind was really rough here. There were times I was gripping my bike so tight just to stay on it. I wanted to ride faster, but that wind was so rough at the front of the speedway.
TMS Duathlon Bike by smlundsberg at Garmin Connect - Details

T2 - :58 seconds
This was the transition I was worried about. Not having been on my bike for 2 months, I knew my legs would feel like Jell-O. I couldn't run to rack my bike, I was worried I would trip and fall. Happy to report, I did not fall!

Run 2 - 2 miles, 16:44, average pace 8:22
OMG, I can't feel my legs? I feel like I'm running through water. My first mile was rough, I just couldn't seem to shake that feeling. First mile was a 8:54 pace. I started getting excited about all the people I was passing. One guy made fun of his friend for being passed by a "girl."

With about .3 mile left, way up front I see an age grouper. I can take her. So I kicked up the pace. I'm on her tail and she doesn't know it. I pass her. She picks it up and I can hear here footsteps right behind me. Oh no, not today, honey. Let's go legs. A volunteer says, "100M for this point." Full out sprint and I'm off. Running at a 6:20 pace, I crossed that finish line 4 seconds ahead of her.
TMS Duathlon Run 2 by smlundsberg at Garmin Connect - Details

And in 1:32:53, I finished my first duathlon. Placed 5th in my age group. If I bike about 1 mph faster, I would have placed. The bike is my weak point, as I just have not spent enough time on it. However, with spring nearly here, there will be more rides in my future.


  1. Congratulations, good start in duatlon.

  2. Good work! You killed it out there.. it's such a fun event. See you next time :)

  3. awesome job!! I like the comment about the guy being passed by a girl. You keep on passing 'em.