Monday, March 28, 2011

I tri-ed again

TriCowtown - March 27, 2011 - Benbrook, Texas
300 yard pool swim, 13.8 mile bike, 5K

On Friday, I decided to tri again. Wasn't planning to race, but my friend David put a bug in my ear. Ok, time to tri again.

I've been using my races as training. Not too smart. I haven't started my official training for my 70.3 yet and I've been running marathons. My swimming and biking have certainly taken a back seat. The races have been my excuse to get some training in for those two sports.

I've been lucky because without training, I've managed to do ok. But I know my luck is going to change and I need to buckle down before my Olympic distance tri in June. I can flounder my way through a sprint and live to tell about it, but the Olympic distance will need some attention.

Race morning, I got up early to haul my butt out to Benbrook. It was chilly. Our nice 80+ degree weather suddenly disappeared.

300 Yard Swim - 6:16
The pool swim was not ideal. It was in a 25 yard pool with swimmers staggered every 10 seconds, going both directions in one lane. Let's just say cluster.

T1 - 1:41
This was a bad transition. Partly because I had to take my Garmin off to get my coat on. It was really cold. No wind, but man, it was cold!

13.8-Mile Bike - 50:41 (16.3 MPH)
Was not pleased with my bike. My Garmin never acquired a satellite and I had no idea what my speed was. I'm just not experienced enough on the bike to know by feel how fast I'm going. I should have and could have pushed it more. The bike course was hilly and the pavement was pretty choppy and lots of gravel.

T2 - 1:08
Again, I had to take my Garmin off to get my coat off. I knew I would warm up on the run.

5K - 24:49 (8:00 pace)
This was by far my best run in a tri. In fact, it's an unofficial 5K PR. I ran a 5K in Dec. 2009 in 24:36, but the course was at least .1 short. I continue to be amazed at why I'm a better runner in a tri. It's days like these where that 5K continues to haunt me. If I can run an 8:00 pace in a tri, surely I can run 7:45 in a 5K road race.

All in all, I'm ok with my performance, but again, it showed me I just need more time on the bike. I placed 6th in my age group and 120 overall out of about 300.


  1. Nice work, Suann! I can't wait to see how your Oly goes in June :)

  2. congrats on your race. I've heard many people say similar about running better in a tri than in a 5k. Not sure what you do for a warmup at your 5k's, but you might want to add some more intensity and/or move them closer to the start. Getting the muscles warm and ready and keeping the hr up are key in 5k's. Or you could always ride you bike to the 5k ;-)

  3. Good job, girl!! Love the pic!!