Saturday, March 5, 2011

The journey is the reward

Boopa's Bagel Deli 5K - March 5, 2011

Guilty. Did it again. I went out way too fast. I told myself I was going to hold back and try to negative split this race. I have had this darn 5K PR monkey on my back and I felt like today I could get shake it off. Once again, close but no cigar.

Nonetheless, I am still happy with my race today. It was very cold and windy. The course had some good hills too. Small crowd today. I think the threat of rain and the cold keep many indoors. Most folks ran the 10K. I opted for the 5K for two reasons: 1) I ran a marathon 6 days ago and 2) I really want to run a 24:30 5K.

I ran my first mile in 7:30. Too fast. Hit a pretty long hill and my pace dropped to 8:00. I knew we were coming up to the turn around, but I didn't see the lead runners turning yet. I didn't realize I was in the front of the pack. Saw the turn and realized I was in the top 5. WHAT? I am a middle of the pack runner. Ok, small field today. There was only one female runner ahead of me. I passed her and she was on my tail. We hit a downhill and she passed me. The last .5, wind was gusting 25 mph. Threw my head down and pushed hard to catch her, but just couldn't. The wind was just too much for me today.

I thought I was close to my PR, but didn't want to look at my watch. Just wanted to focus on pushing hard. Crossed the line in 25:03. Second overall female and 1st AG. And improved my time on this course by over a minute from last year.

Of course, I was ticked that seconds separated me from WINNING a 5K. However, I feel good about today. I ran a marathon last week, it was windy, hilly and cold. I gave it my all. This will probably be the closest I will ever be to winning a race.

The saying is, if you're not first, you're last. Nah. Not today. If you're not first, you learn and move on. I'm proud of how I ran today. Not every race is a PR. But every race is an experience. I got to meet Stacy, a new RAW member and DailyMile friend. Ran back after the race to run my friend Jeff in. He placed 2nd in his AG for the 10K. Today was about the journey, not the reward.


  1. Awesome job Suann! Strong Work!

  2. Good race and great attitude. It is about the journey and experience. I'm sure you'll PR next 5k :)