Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Until We Meet Again

Dear Marathon,

It's with great sadness that I write to tell you we need to see other people for the rest of this year. I don't want to break up. Please don't get me wrong. I enjoy our time together. Even though we have had some big fights, I still love you dearly. But there's this other guy who has been courting me...the half Ironman.

I know, I know. I have been cheating on you with his little brother, the sprint triathlon. You see though, I think he'll make me a better person for you. It was during this time that I ran my fastest 5K ever. And really, that just makes me a better athlete in the long run. He's helping me be a better runner for you.

I wish I could find a way to spend time with you while I'm getting ready for my half Ironman debut in October, but I can't be all things to everyone. And certainly won't give you the time you deserve while I'm spending hours on that bike.

I know you're jealous of Enrique, but don't be. He's a good guy and only wants me to be a better runner for you.

You will still be in my dreams. A day won't go by where I won't think about all the good times we have had, especially last weekend. But I promise you that next year, we'll spend time together again. Next year, we're going to have a big year. I promise you I'll run faster than ever. I know how you work now. I know how to give you the training and respect you deserve. But more importantly, I know to never give up on you. Remember Saturday? I never gave up.

So until we meet again...

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