Sunday, May 29, 2011

Longest Trail Run

I'm in Michigan for the Memorial Day weekend and I hit the Holdridge Lakes State Park trails with Steve, Matt and Kai.

There has been significant flooding in the area over the past week, so we figured it would be wet. Yep, some areas were thigh high, but the majority of the trail was nice and packed with leaves with some fun mud to splash around in!

The weather was perfect! In the mid-50s. I felt bad for my Texas peeps running in 95 degrees.

The plan was for the boys to do 2, 16-mile loops. Since I am so new to trail running, I was playing this by ear and would make a decision on my distance after a few hours into the run.

I felt great and told them that I'll run the 4-mile loop twice after this loop while they went on.

The boys decided to run the 4-mile loop and then the 2-mile loop.

Well just after mile 3 on the 4-mile loop, I saw a sign ".75 technical trail" pointing to the left. And "long route" pointing to the right. Thinking I was taking either the correct way to the return or a short cut, I opted left. Oops! Got another mile in.

Met the boys back at the parking lot and had to explain my tardiness!

It was a great training day for me, my longest trail run. Someone asked me what I was training for...a 5k next weekend. But seriously, this really wasn't a planned run to get in a 20+ miler. It was just some dirty fun!

Here's a video from our adventure!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

At a Crossroads

I'm contemplating something I have never done before, canceling a scheduled race.

I'm arguing with myself that it's ok to sit this one out, yet a part of me is calling me a quitter.

I'm scheduled to race the PlayTri Olympic Tri on June 5. Here's the problem. The last time I swam was my last Tri. I was forced out of the pool due to some medical issues and now I have the cold from hell. Since I am susceptible to bronchitis, I am very nervous about getting in that pool as congested as I am. Not to mention I have been fighting a fever for the past 3 days. And I am super exhausted.

Usually the swim is the least of my concerns, but not now. I do not feel anywhere close to being able to swim 1,500 without a struggle. Could I? Probably. Do I want to? Not really.

Two options...
1) Try to get in the pool over the next two weeks. Do the race and treat it as a training opportunity.

2) Skip it and find another Olympic distance in late September.

I'm still arguing with myself. I guess I'll make a decision June 1.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shall we dance?

Guys like him don't hang with girls like me.

He's impressed by the girl who can effortlessly ride 20 mph. Not the girl who fights to maintain 15 mph.

He goes for the girl who powers up a hill. Not for the girl who cringes at the sight of one and seriously thinks about throwing him on the side of the road to run up it.

He likes a girl who can draft. Not one who can't keep a straight line.

He is impressed with the girl who has more bike shorts and jerseys than work clothes. Not the one who has one pair of bike shorts but 25 pairs of running shorts.

He thinks she's sexy covered in grease from fixing a chain. She feels sexy covered in dirt and mud from a trail run.

He's open minded. She's scared, intimidated and lost.

He wants to help. She is struggling.

He asks her to dance. She says, I don't dance, but I'll Tri.

He's Enrique-an Orbea Oro LTL Tri Bike.
She's Suann-a newbie cyclist and wanna be triathlete.

The Tango Triathlon.