Monday, May 9, 2011

Shall we dance?

Guys like him don't hang with girls like me.

He's impressed by the girl who can effortlessly ride 20 mph. Not the girl who fights to maintain 15 mph.

He goes for the girl who powers up a hill. Not for the girl who cringes at the sight of one and seriously thinks about throwing him on the side of the road to run up it.

He likes a girl who can draft. Not one who can't keep a straight line.

He is impressed with the girl who has more bike shorts and jerseys than work clothes. Not the one who has one pair of bike shorts but 25 pairs of running shorts.

He thinks she's sexy covered in grease from fixing a chain. She feels sexy covered in dirt and mud from a trail run.

He's open minded. She's scared, intimidated and lost.

He wants to help. She is struggling.

He asks her to dance. She says, I don't dance, but I'll Tri.

He's Enrique-an Orbea Oro LTL Tri Bike.
She's Suann-a newbie cyclist and wanna be triathlete.

The Tango Triathlon.

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  1. LOVE IT! And that's exactly how I feel about Zumbido, my Cervelo. On his own, down a hill, he is FAST. Depending on me, up a hill, he's a tortoise. Poor guy. - Jennrunns