Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ups and Downs

Well this weeks was filled with some ups and downs. Let's start with the ups.

I ended the month with 178 miles vs. 173 last year.

I have stuck to my core and weight training program, which has already proven to be working. Yay for getting back into some shorts that were tight a few weeks ago.

I'm down a few pounds. Trying to get down to race weight. I hate that Jack Daniels Running Formula race weight spreadsheet!

For the past two weeks, I nailed my 10K tempo runs. This week I ran that 10K in 50:53, certainly a training PR. I race a 10K next weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do in some cooler weather.

I've been feeling like I'm running strong and well.

Ok, so the downs...

I have not been sleeping or eating well. The sleeping part has always been an issue. Trying to function on 4-5 hours of sleep for the past week has been really rough.

As for the eating part. This heat has zapped my appetite. I'm just not hungry. Nothing even remotely sounds good. And when I actually do manage to sit down and eat, I pick at my food and call it good after a few bites. Honestly, the only things that are working are oatmeal, cereal and PBJs.

These two things led to a craptastic long run on the trails of Northshore today. Headed out with Greg and Reece. We hit the 9-mile more technical side first. I did fine. We ran 1:02 out and 1:02 back, even though I felt I was more sluggish on the way back.

I went through 30 ounces of the fluids I had in my pack. Stopped at the car and downed 20 ounces of cold water. Another runner had ice cold water and offered us more. I downed another 10-15 ounces. Then we hit the side heading to Rockledge.

Right off the bat, I knew that water chugging was a mistake. Now I'm feeling sick to my stomach, it's getting hotter and I'm just tired. I told the guys to go ahead. I started feeling dizzy and just stopped at 10.5 miles. Then I took my 1.5-mile walk of shame back to my car.

I was also trying to get about 60 miles in. My heart sank when I saw that I didn't even get to 50 this week.

Next week will be lower miles. There's a 10K that I have to kill.

In life, love and running, there are ups and downs. Generally though, there are more ups. Try not to focus on the downs. Doesn't do a damn bit of good. Live to run another day.

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 9 miles
Wednesday - 8.5 miles, weight training
Thursday - 6.2 mile tempo, 1 mile cool down
Friday - 9.5 miles, weight training
Saturday - 3.5 miles
Sunday - 10.5 trail miles

Weekly total - 48.2
July 2011 total - 178 vs 173 in July 2010

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hydration, Suann and other tales

This summer (just like last summer), I've been struggling to find the magic hydration solution. After training all 2010 with Gatoraid, this spring it started tearing me up. So I switched to Nuun. That worked until the weather got into the 90s. I simply needed more calories. Made a shot at Gatoraid again and it just didn't agree with me.

So last week I spent the entire week trying all those sample-sized drinks -- Accelerade, Heed, blah, blah, blah. The winner....Ironman made by PowerBar. Tummy happy. Suann happy.

Had an interesting conversation with a friend this week about hydration, calories, etc. We Texans train in extreme heat. There is just no way of getting around it. When your low temps are 88 - 92 degrees at 0530, you have to make nutrition adjustments. Puzzled as to why I need more calories during the summer, he pulled this article for me.

According to the article, part of the weight we lose is from the fuel we use, about 10%. It is not uncommon for me to lose 3-6 pounds on a long run.

Here's a link to the article

Training this week went really well. I'm still suffering a shoulder issue that has kept me out of the pool. But my running has been strong. I am racing a 10K in few weeks in Michigan and it's been well over a year since my last one. I did a tempo earlier this week that gave me a really good idea on my race strategy. I should have that PR in the bag...that is if I don't go out too fast.

Here's a recap from the week..

Monday - 7.5 miles
Tuesday - 7.6 miles and a pathetic swim
Wednesday - 8 miles, 1 warm up - 6 tempo - 1 cool down. Hour of weight training and core
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday - 1 hour weight training and core
Saturday - 9 miles night trail run
Sunday - 14.1 miles

Total miles - 52.2

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to back

Well I did it. My first back-to-back weekend long runs. As I figured, I ran really strong on Saturday on the roads. Yet, the long trail run was rougher.

Saturday, Josh and I ran 8.3 and then picked up Ribs and Chris for another 6. I don't know if it was the cloud cover or what, but I felt strong and ran effortless.

Sunday was another story. Tired from 15 hours of sleep over the past three days, I was struggling a bit on the trails. It was much sunnier and I was flat out tired. My legs felt pretty good, but my head was tired.

Steve, Gretchen, John, Brian joined me and we ran into Matt. Great running with this group!

After running 12 on the Rockledge side, Steve and I hit the other side. This side is a bit more technical. I ran 1.5 miles in and decided to turn back.

All in all, I had a good week. I am looking forward to getting more miles in at Northshore to prep for the Rockledge Rumble in November.

Weekly miles:
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 7
Wednesday - 7.5
Thursday - 4
Friday - 7
Saturday - 14.3 and 6 bike
Sunday - 15 trails

Total weekly mileage 54.8 running and 6 biking.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marathon, I can't live without you

Dear Marathon,

I know I told you we needed to see other people for a bit, but I think I made a mistake.

The truth is, I love you. While the triathlon and I had fun, I just don't think we're made for each other for the long haul. I mean I really like the sprints and I can see the Olympic happening soon. But truth be told, I miss you. Even in this Godforsaken heat, I miss you.

Today, I ran 16 miles. I was only going to run 14, but I ran 16 for you. And I talked about you a lot. Smiling about our last race. How much fun we had.

So with that, I'm hoping you'll take me back a little sooner rather than later. Will you go to Long Beach with me on Oct 9?

And I'd like to step things up in our relationship. There's this ultra on Nov. 12, right here in Grapevine, Texas.

And I have big plans for us in 2012.

I hope you'll say yes. We'll have a smashing time. I promise!

All my love,

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Longest Bike Ride

Stephenville Firecracker
44 miles, 3 hours, 30 minutes, about 100 degrees
July 2, 2011

We did it! 44 miles! Hot, hilly and 'undulating' (that's from el Mundo de Mitch).

Mel, Mitch and I took a road trip to Stephenville, Texas to ride a great organized bike race. This was the longest ride to date for all three of us.

The race was very well organized. Lots of volunteers, lots of rest stops with lots of cold water, gatoraid, cold towels and fruit. Hats off to the city of Stephenville. The police did a great job protecting the cyclists. It was a great experience.

I did great until about the last hour when the heat was really getting to me. We all know how I like to complain about the heat! That's the Seattle girl coming out in me.

The best part of the day were the out of contexts quotes. Let me leave you with a few...

4:59 a.m. at my house

Mitch: Holy shit! What is that?
Suann: My cat
Mitch: That's a cat? That thing is huge. That's not a cat, that's a nutria.

As we approach Starbucks at OH-MY-GOSH-IT'S-EARLY-O'CLOCK

Mitch: Are we gonna get down?
Suann: What?
Mitch: Are we gonna get down?
Suann: What?
Mitch: Are we gonna get down? because I would like to.
Suann: You wanna dance?
Mel: I think he wants to go inside and not the drive through.

In the car approaching Stephenville

Mitch: Do you have seat warmers? My ass is warm. There's nothing nicer than a hot little ass.

And other random thoughts...
Pump it up.
Gonna be a hot one.
As long as we can get off.
I got a food baby. That is better than dessert.
That road was undulating.

Rice and Beans!

Mel, she's so darn cute!

Here I am, ready to ride!