Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to back

Well I did it. My first back-to-back weekend long runs. As I figured, I ran really strong on Saturday on the roads. Yet, the long trail run was rougher.

Saturday, Josh and I ran 8.3 and then picked up Ribs and Chris for another 6. I don't know if it was the cloud cover or what, but I felt strong and ran effortless.

Sunday was another story. Tired from 15 hours of sleep over the past three days, I was struggling a bit on the trails. It was much sunnier and I was flat out tired. My legs felt pretty good, but my head was tired.

Steve, Gretchen, John, Brian joined me and we ran into Matt. Great running with this group!

After running 12 on the Rockledge side, Steve and I hit the other side. This side is a bit more technical. I ran 1.5 miles in and decided to turn back.

All in all, I had a good week. I am looking forward to getting more miles in at Northshore to prep for the Rockledge Rumble in November.

Weekly miles:
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 7
Wednesday - 7.5
Thursday - 4
Friday - 7
Saturday - 14.3 and 6 bike
Sunday - 15 trails

Total weekly mileage 54.8 running and 6 biking.

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