Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hydration, Suann and other tales

This summer (just like last summer), I've been struggling to find the magic hydration solution. After training all 2010 with Gatoraid, this spring it started tearing me up. So I switched to Nuun. That worked until the weather got into the 90s. I simply needed more calories. Made a shot at Gatoraid again and it just didn't agree with me.

So last week I spent the entire week trying all those sample-sized drinks -- Accelerade, Heed, blah, blah, blah. The winner....Ironman made by PowerBar. Tummy happy. Suann happy.

Had an interesting conversation with a friend this week about hydration, calories, etc. We Texans train in extreme heat. There is just no way of getting around it. When your low temps are 88 - 92 degrees at 0530, you have to make nutrition adjustments. Puzzled as to why I need more calories during the summer, he pulled this article for me.

According to the article, part of the weight we lose is from the fuel we use, about 10%. It is not uncommon for me to lose 3-6 pounds on a long run.

Here's a link to the article

Training this week went really well. I'm still suffering a shoulder issue that has kept me out of the pool. But my running has been strong. I am racing a 10K in few weeks in Michigan and it's been well over a year since my last one. I did a tempo earlier this week that gave me a really good idea on my race strategy. I should have that PR in the bag...that is if I don't go out too fast.

Here's a recap from the week..

Monday - 7.5 miles
Tuesday - 7.6 miles and a pathetic swim
Wednesday - 8 miles, 1 warm up - 6 tempo - 1 cool down. Hour of weight training and core
Thursday - 6 miles
Friday - 1 hour weight training and core
Saturday - 9 miles night trail run
Sunday - 14.1 miles

Total miles - 52.2

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