Saturday, July 2, 2011

Longest Bike Ride

Stephenville Firecracker
44 miles, 3 hours, 30 minutes, about 100 degrees
July 2, 2011

We did it! 44 miles! Hot, hilly and 'undulating' (that's from el Mundo de Mitch).

Mel, Mitch and I took a road trip to Stephenville, Texas to ride a great organized bike race. This was the longest ride to date for all three of us.

The race was very well organized. Lots of volunteers, lots of rest stops with lots of cold water, gatoraid, cold towels and fruit. Hats off to the city of Stephenville. The police did a great job protecting the cyclists. It was a great experience.

I did great until about the last hour when the heat was really getting to me. We all know how I like to complain about the heat! That's the Seattle girl coming out in me.

The best part of the day were the out of contexts quotes. Let me leave you with a few...

4:59 a.m. at my house

Mitch: Holy shit! What is that?
Suann: My cat
Mitch: That's a cat? That thing is huge. That's not a cat, that's a nutria.

As we approach Starbucks at OH-MY-GOSH-IT'S-EARLY-O'CLOCK

Mitch: Are we gonna get down?
Suann: What?
Mitch: Are we gonna get down?
Suann: What?
Mitch: Are we gonna get down? because I would like to.
Suann: You wanna dance?
Mel: I think he wants to go inside and not the drive through.

In the car approaching Stephenville

Mitch: Do you have seat warmers? My ass is warm. There's nothing nicer than a hot little ass.

And other random thoughts...
Pump it up.
Gonna be a hot one.
As long as we can get off.
I got a food baby. That is better than dessert.
That road was undulating.

Rice and Beans!

Mel, she's so darn cute!

Here I am, ready to ride!

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