Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just call me honeybee

Nicknames are common in the running circles. A friend of mine gave me the name Asian Tiger. Another friend calls me Saki. Today, Steve called me honeybee. I'll get to the why in a few paragraphs. First, I gotta blog about my 5K PR!

Auburn Good Ol' Days 5K - Aug. 12 - 24:29

I convinced my long-time friend Peter to run this race with me while I was in Seattle. After coming off a hard training week, I really had no expectations. But I decided I wanted to race it. Before I headed down to Auburn, I told Steve I was icing my quads. He asked if I really wanted to race this since I had a half trail marathon on Saturday. Of course I do. After my blow up last weekend, I really want a PR. And I have been chasing this 5K PR for too damn long.

Met up with Peter at the start and he gave me a little button with the Honey Badger on it! I promptly put it on for good luck. Peter and I have been laughing about this video for the past few weeks leading into this race.

I told Peter that after I was done, I would come run him back in. Gun goes off and I started right behind the high school boys. That proved to be silly. My first .5 mile was a 7:00 pace. Slow it down, Suann! I hit mile 1 at 7:40, mile 2 was 7:45, mile 3 7:53. And my last .2 (long course) was 6:48. Nice positive split (scarcasim)! Crossed in 24:29, a PR! So very happy!!!

Ran back and found Peter who was running so strong! He started sprinting to the finish and I said, I'm out. I can't keep up! He did awesome finishing 10 minutes before he thought he would!

Cougar Mountain Trail Half Marathon - Aug. 13 - 3:03

Before you read this, you have to read The Oatmeal's blog on his first ultra marathon.

I decided my warrior chant would be "fuck fraggle fuck mother assmountain." And I'm very pleased my iPhone has now recognized "assmountain" as a word and will autocorrect it. Steve Jobs is a genius.

This was the hardest run I have ever done. I have no idea what the elevation gain was, but it felt like 40,000 feet to this flat-land dwelling Texan.

Right at mile 9.5, my ankle is stinging bad. I look down and a bee is on my sock on my left ankle. And it won't go away. Finally get the damn thing to go away and I assess the damage. It feels much worse than it looks. And now my ankle hurts really bad. It is super painful to run on. My last few miles were much slower than I know I could have run due to this damn creature.

I adjusted my shorts, where I had pinned my Honey Badger pin, and realized, it has come off. I must have gotten stung because Honey Badger was not on! Luckily it was in my shirt and I pinned him back on!

Told Steve of my story and now I'm his honeybee. Awwww.

So am I a honeybee?
- According to Wikipedia, honey bees appear to have their center of origin from Asia. - Check
- Of the insect world, they are not unattractive - I'm gonna say check here.
- When threatened, they sting like a mo-fo, out of the blue and you'll never know what hit you - um ok yeah, I can be that way.

Well this honeybee had a damn good week...
I've been working hard at the weights and core and am so happy to report that in 4 weeks, I have dropped 3% in body fat. My waist and hips dropped .5", thighs are down .75" and calf is down .5".
Monday - weights and core.
Tuesday - 10.5 miles
Wednesday - 7 miles
Thursday - 9 miles, weights and core
Friday - Auburn Good Ol' Days 5K
Saturday - Cougar Mountain Trail Half Marathon

Weekly total - 42.7 miles

Looking forward to next week. I get to crew the boys as they run Leadville 100 mile trail run!

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  1. It was a great first run, and I remember saying something like "Are you an angel? Am I dead?" when you ran back to find me there near the end in Auburn!