Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ultracentric - Ultra Amazing

Ultracentric 12-Hour Endurance Run
November 19, 2011
54 miles, 11:37:54
3rd Female, 5th Overall

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to perform as well as I did yesterday. Here I am a week after my first ultra, Rockledge Rumble 50K, and I'm running the longest I ever have in my life. Twice as long as Rockledge, as a matter of fact. I have never run this distance before and quite honestly didn't have a clue as to how my body would handle it.

For those not familiar with Ultracentric, it's a 2-mile course. Your object is to run as many loops as you can in your time. There is a 6-, 12-, 24- and 48-hour option. I had no expectations going in, but I thought I could run about 50 miles. I figured I would hold a 10:30 pace as long as I could and then see what happens. If I need to cut out early, so what, I won't run the full 12 hours.

It was a little warmer and way more humid than I would have liked, but the overcast was a Godsend. I was feeling really good despite the fact I ran 32 miles a week ago.

At 9 a.m. Ninja and TriGolfer and I toed the line for our little adventure. Ninja was also in for the 12 and TriGolfer for the 24.

Many of you who follow my blog can recall that fueling and hydration has been a big issue for me this year. Last weekend, I used only water and Salt Stick Caps for my electrolytes. I fueled with a gel every hour for the first 3 hours and then switched to solid foods...fruit and potato chips and Coke.

This race was a completely different animal. How am I going to fuel for 50+ miles?!?! Well, I did the same thing, except I cut out the gels and decided to use them at the end if my stomach wasn't tolerating solids.

I took 2 salt stick caps every hour and fueled about ever hour on fruit and potato chips. Later in the night, I took a couple quarters of ham and cheese sandwiches. And I was taking a swig of Coke about every loop. I tried to keep my calories about 150-200 an hour. I was probably much less than that for the first 40 miles.

My buddy Triboomer came out to see the start and hung out for quite some time taking pictures. It was so nice to have a little cheering section for a bit. He said goodbye to me right about my 12-mile mark and said he would be back.

A few minutes later, Beans arrived. He brought me some Body Glide and walked a half loop with me. And crewed me a little by filling up my water bottle and getting me some of my favorite Gingerbread Cookies!

Off I went for some more loops. Around mile 27, My friend Greg stopped by and ran a few loops with me. Left and then came back with a huge Coke from Sonic. It was EXACTLY what I needed. In the words of The Oatmeal, it tasted like unicorn tears.

Around mile 40, my feet are feeling the pounding of this darn cement. I told TriGolfer I had felt some blisters going on. He suggested I swap out into my other pair of shoes. Changed out my socks and shoes and decided it was time to put on my Salomon compression 3/4 tights. Wow! What a difference. My legs felt so much better!

My knee started acting up about this time too. I felt very still. So at this point, took a pretty good walk 2 miles. I also grabbed some Advil. Not sure if I should, Ninja and TriGolfer said to go ahead and take it but keep hydrating.

I grabbed my phone and updated my FB status since I knew people were wondering where I was. I also texted a few friends to keep me company for the next loop. Everyone was so encouraging!

Next loop, I was feeling pretty good so I began running again. I told someone that if my knee was really bad, I was calling it a day at 50. I hit my goal of 50 at 10:35. I was feeling ok so I made the decision to keep going. This was a walk/run for the next 4 miles.

And there it was. My finish line! 54 miles. And then it hit me! Holy crap! I just ran 54 freaking miles? Me? Did I do that? Yeah I did. I have the blisters to prove it. What was more amazing, I came in 3rd female and 4th or 5th overall. There was another guy who also ran 54 miles, but I'm not sure how the RD is going to slot that. Regardless, TOP 5?!?!?! After running my first ultra last weekend? I'm stunned, really.

I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people! Thank you to Triboomer, Beans and Greg for coming out to see me! Your friendship is amazing!

Thank you to all the volunteers at Ultracentric. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Congratulations to all the runners who did something epic yesterday!

Some of the 12-hour Ultracentric girls and one of the boys. Of the top 5, 3 were women! Girl power!

And my Ribsy wrote a blog for the Dallas Morning News. Read it here.


  1. Congratulations Suann! Amazing stuff running your 50K and then following it up with 54 miles the next weekend! If you can stack races like that I'm certain you can run a 100 miler! Buckle at Rocky Raccoon?

  2. Congratulations on an A-MAZing performance!

  3. Wow, again, you are the most hardcore runner I know!! I am so proud of you!! Congratulations!!

  4. FANTASTIC job, Diva ... YOU EARNED IT!!! CONGRATS ... well done!!! =)