Friday, December 16, 2011

Buckle Up! The Road to 100 - Zion 100

Zion is a Hebrew word meaning "a place of peace and relaxation".

While there is nothing relaxing about running a 100 miler, there is something oddly peaceful right now about where I am at with my running, which makes this race perfect for my first 100 miler.

I was the girl who would obessive over a bad race and couldn't erase it from my head until I ran the next one. I was the girl who literally worry herself sick before a marathon. I was the girl who was afraid to miss a run or divate from the planned workout schedule. I was a girl who wasn't taking the time to enjoy the journey -- just racing to the finish line.

I think ultrarunning changed that.

I no longer obsess over my pace. What my finish time will be. Will I BQ. None of that matters any more. The journey is the reward.

And it's time for the next adventure in this journey -- Zion 100 May 11-12.

This is the innagural race, which also happens to be my first 100.

There are a lot of things that attracted me to this race:
- Zion! Enough said.
- It's a figure 8 coruse where you only repeat a few miles. I HATE LOOPS.
- The RD is making it VERY first 100 runner friendly. A very generous cut off of 36 hours.
- Pacers are allowed after 32.5 miles. Something very uncommon in a 100. It's generally after 50 miles.
- I need to check off Utah as a state.

So after thinking about this for, oh all of a few hours, I pulled the trigger. I'm in. I guess I better buy a new belt for that shiny buckle.

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