Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Isle Du Bois - Isle Du Rock

Isle Du Bois 10 Mile Race
December 10, 2010
Pilot Point, Texas

I think "bois" means wood in French. I think this would have been more appropriately named Isle du Rock. There were just a few out there.

After feeling on top of the world with two amazing races, I got injured. Allbeit a quick injury with a fast recovery, but I was injured. I had to admit (once again) that maybe I bit off more than I could chew -- my first 50K, followed by 54 miles a week later led to a slight knee injury right before Isle Du Bois 50K.

I just started back up running the week of the race. While my knee was pain free, I knew that throwing down 31 miles after being off from an injury was just plain stupid. Not to say that stupid is something I haven't done before. But this time, I had to keep the end game in mind. My A race wasn't Isle Du Bois. This was a training run. My A race is Rocky Raccoon 50 mile. I swallowed my pride and emailed David, the RD. He reassured me that I was making the right decision, but I still felt like a sell out.

I arrived at the race site and found Ninja and Trigolfer. Stacy and Drum had camped there (those crazy girls it was freezing!). Grabbed my bib and immediately went back to my car to keep warm. Got out of my car to see the 50k-ers off. My buddy Chris was running the 50K. We were planning on running it together and I felt terrible leaving her. But she understodd.

I loved this trail. It's rocky and has some long climbs. Nothing steep, but just enough to keep you on your toes.

The race was cup free! Yay! Kudos to the RD David for making this a cup free race! Mama C was working one aid station and said something about only one trash bag for the entire race. ONE TRASH BAG!

I ran a steady even pace. I didn't want to race this thing due to my knee. I really wanted to get the miles in and just see how things feel. So I kept it at a comfortable pace and just enjoyed the day.

This is a great new trail race for the DFW area. Thank you to David for putting on this inagural race. All the volunteers for freezing your tooshies and taking care of us runners. I'll be back next year!


  1. Nice race report! Way to play it smart! I'm excited to see how you do at Rocky!

  2. I'm sure your knee appreciates you for not putting it through 31 miles of rockiness. :) Good job on your finish..you're FAST!
    That was such a great course and fun time, I already can't wait for next years race! David does such a wonderful job and I know all his races will go as well as this one did.