Monday, February 6, 2012

Shit Ultra Runners Say

I promise to write a Rocky Raccoon 50 mile endurance run race report, but here are the top 10 things I heard this weekend...

10. My toes look like hamburger.

9. I was so in need for a sock for the junk.

8. Conversation from two 100 mile runners:
Runner 1: Man I need to walk for 20 seconds.
Runner 2: You know walking for 20 seconds is like 40 seconds because it takes you double that to get back to your pace.
Honeybee: Are you guys running the 100? And you are seriously worried about 20 seconds?
Runner 1: Well I'm just saying, it throws you off your pace and you have to make it up.
Honeybee: shakes head.
Runner 2: If I miss sub 24 for 20 seconds, I'm coming to find you.
Runner 1: I'll never pee in a race again.
Honeybee: Dude, just pee while you run. It's a skill.

7. I feel compelled to lube something.

6. Do you have any little girls?

5. I don't want to get these shoes muddy.

4. Oh he's almost done, he only has 20 miles left.

3. At mile 43, "You look SMASHING!"

2. I think you have some mud on you.

And the number one things goes to Mama C. After loop 2 when I said, "I want a DNF" she says to me...

1. I don't want to hear those letters. Shut up and run you only have 16 miles left.

Running 50 mile is pretty amazing. But running 50 miles with the most awesome athletes, crew, pacers and volunteers and friends is even more amazing. Thank you to everyone for making it a great weekend. Race report to come!


  1. Can't wait to read the report. I had a lot of friends who ran Rocky this weekend and the MUD was amazing! COngrats!

  2. Now,only if I could run as good as I talk!! Congrats on a great run on a "challenging" day!!

  3. Congratulations on your finish. 10:30 for your first fifty is pretty freaking amazing.

    I definitely had a weird moment when I hit Dam Nation the second time on my fourth loop when I thought, "Hey, only a little more than a marathon left!"

  4. Mama C is the sunshine in my life and I see from #1 on your list that she is the sunshine in your life too. Great motivator! Congrats in a great 50!

  5. My sister asked if we got to take naps. She was serious. Congrats Sueann, good time despite the sloppy conditions down there. I'll check back to read your Rocky report. Cheers!

  6. haha me and guy named Matty from kansas i just met that loop were the ones talking about losing 20 seconds to take a pee break lol! that is so hilarious you remembered that.

  7. Was an epic weekend. Im definitely going to lube something!!!

  8. Ed, that was you?!?! You guys made my day! Did you sub 24? Or miss it by 20 seconds?

  9. Yep that was me! I was the one peeing when you ran by lol. haha not by 20 seconds. I finished 24:35, just shy of my goal. My body shut down at damnation so i had to shuffle the last 7.5 miles. but i finished in under 30 so i am very happy! but i have 2 swollen feet, 1 missing toenail, and my feet are rubbed raw everywhere! besides that i am peachy though :) how was your run?