Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm a trainwreck.
I'm a mess.
But I'm gonna take you dancing
Put on your party dress
- Old 97s

Tired. Edgy. Lethargic. Slow. Mad. Sad. Scared. What irrational emotion did I forget?

I'm less than a month out from my first 100 - Zion 100. I don't feel ready. I don't feel strong.

I am constantly worried about my knee. I'm not 100% certain it's going to cooperate.

I am worried my nutrition.

I am worried that I didn't train hard enough.

I am worried about being DFL.

I need to find my self confidence. I seem to have misplaced it. I'll find it before May 11. I always do. It's just gonna be a long 3 weeks battling myself in my head...


  1. DFL is better than DNF. I've been both. Proud of my DNFs. DNF when you gave your best effort is better than DNS. It is amazing to the point of being funny all the doubts and nagging little pains that show their ugly heads the weeks and days before a 100. Ignore them, unless of course they are legitimate injuries.

    Finishing a 100 miler in 30 hours requires an 18:00/mile pace, which you will be way ahead of for most of the way. If you are averaging 14 minute miles and the wheels fall of at mile 70, you could walk most of the way in and still finish. But if you get into that nothing-but-walk mode before 50 miles, you had better be walking a fast pace. Focus on keeping ahead on your hydration and eating, don't spend too much time at aid stations, and keep moving. Keep your eye on that buckle waiting for you at the finish line. I bet you'll be happy with your race.

  2. Believe in your training. Embrace the challenge. Run in the moment. I know it helps me to look at my upcoming races as just an extension of my training. By looking at it this way, the race itself doesn't become this big "all or nothing" event. It becomes just another run. It helps take the nervousness and anxieties away from the moment.

    Have fun, run strong!

  3. I have yet to do an ultra where I didn't feel sick or hurt right before. I'm always convinced I'm undertrained and unprepared. You can do this! Perpetual Forward Motion. :) And it is so cool that you are going for it! Yay, Suann!

  4. 99 percent of runners feel this way ..It's not just you ..I averaged 16:49 miles and finished in 26:36 keep it steady ..The meat of the sandwhich is miles 60-80 after that it's a shuffle anyway. run when you can walk when you got to. My biggest help was a best friend pacing me the last 20 miles .helps big time motivation when you need it..good luck your dead on with training 1 more big week then taper....jimmy