Thursday, May 31, 2012

Needy Knee and Food

The Needy Knee
Back to Dr. Bob again for the systemic knee issue. It's the same story on repeat. I get to 50ish miles my knee craps out.

Well I guess it's getting a little better...
  • Ultracentric: Made it to 40 miles before the knee acted up.
  • Rock Raccoon ran the whole 50 and no knee issues. It was not giving myself a proper recovery and then running hills the next week that made it hurt.
  • Zion: Made it to mile 55 before the knee acted up. Then didn't give myself a proper recovery and ran a ton of downhills at WS training camp.
What's going on? I have patellofemoral pain syndrome. Fancy words for, my knee hurts under the knee cap.

What's causing this? I have no gait issues. My knee is tracking correctly. I don't over pronate. My right leg is slightly stronger than my right. When I get fatigued, I'll favor the right leg, which has to work harder and then that pain comes back. My risk factors are running lots of miles and then running on some hard trails.

What do I kneed to do? Strength training. Dr. Bob referred me to a PT. He thinks with 6 visits I'll have the tools I need to keep up my own strength training at home.

I work with a personal trainer 2 days a week, but I think he and I both came to the conculsion that while she is doing the right things, she is fatiguing me and not taking into consideration that I'll run 30+ miles that weekend. And I enter those runs fatigued and then there's higher chances of things going wrong.

My plan is to rest the knee up a few more days and continue cross training, start the PT and then build my mileage back up.

As if the knee issues weren't enough to worry about, I've packed on 5 pounds over the last month. And it's not muscle.

I started logging all my food again to figure out where the discrepancies are. I eat very healthy. I do not drink anything but water all day (well two cups of coffee in the am).

On day one, I learned that I need to eat more calories in the morning and add more protein in my diet. I pretty much guessed this would be the case.

What's preplexing me is that I am eating about 1800 calories a day and I can't seem to move that needle.

Day One
Breakfast: Greek yogurt, small slice whole grain bread, powdered PB
Snack: Rainier cheeries
Lunch: grilled halibut, quinoa
Afternoon snack: Kind bar, 20 pistacios (yes, I counted them out), 1 med peach
Before swim snack: String cheese
Dinner: grilled halibut, quinoa, mango salsa
Dessert: Protein shake, low fat cottage cheese, pineapple

Day Two
Breakfast: Greek yogurt, small slice whole grain bread, 1 piece bacon
Snack: Kind bar, strawberries
Lunch: salad with albacore tuna, gorgonzola cheese, pita chips
Afternoon snack: Peach
Before cycle snack: low fat tortilla with slice of turkey
Dinner: grilled salmon, brown rice and quinoa, green beans
Dessert: low fat cottage cheese, pineapple and kiwi

If anyone has any fabulous ideas on how to fix me, I'm all ears!


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