Monday, May 14, 2012

Top Ten One-Liners from My Ultra Weekend

A full race report is to come, but here is my top ten list of one-liners from this weekend....
10. It’s hot – Honeybee
9. SHE NEEDS LUBE! – Racingitoff
8. Did you say you want someone to suck your toe? – Racingitoff
7. Oh yeah, that’s steep. - Lightning Bolt
6. I think I just sh!t out my intestines. – Racingitoff
5. Look, her dress is UP her butt crack. – Honeybee
4. I’ll just run up there and get your drop bag (1,000 feet climb in a half mile) – Racingitoff
3. What color is your pee? – Lightning Bolt
2. Did you just use that tissue to clean your blisters? It has my snot in it. – Racingitoff
And the best one liner at mile 52 as I was trying to pop blisters, duct tape my feet, and was screaming like a girl, two women asked Martin if I was ok and he said….
1.       She’s just worried she chipped her toe nail polish.