Friday, May 4, 2012

Zhit Just Got Real

In seven days, I'll be somewhere in Zion National Park running 100 miles at the Zion 100 mile race. You can track me on UltraLive.

I finally decided to tell my parents what I'm doing. My text from my dad went something like this...
Dad: I'm starting my new job on May 21.
Me: I know you told me. I'm running 100 miles May 11-12 in Utah.
Dad: How long with that take you?
Me: I don't know. 25 hours or less, I hope.
Dad: Without stopping to rest?
Me: The object is to keep moving.
Dad: Why?
Me: Because it's a race.

He didn't respond to that, but my guess he was doing that shaking his head thing he does when he doesn't comprehend why I do the things I do.

Ok, this was gonna be a suprise for my pacers and crew, but I had coolio shirts made and I am super excited about them. So Lesley and Martin, here's a sneak peak. I guess the surpise will be what I put on the back and the type of garmet!

Thanks in advance to Lesley and Martin for accompanying me on my journey. You both have been a shoulder to cry on, my life line and my source of strength when I was feeling weak. I know I can make it because you both will be there for me.

Big hugs and kisses to all my friends and running pals who have spent time with me on the trails and have given me tons of great advice and support through this journey.

Let's do this zhit...



  1. I. Cannot. Wait. Super excited. Let's do this!

  2. Suann, you were made to do this. Just catching up on your blog and I can't wait to track you next week. I'll look forward to hearing the stories you will have from this experience!