Friday, June 1, 2012

On the right track

I had my first PT appointment today. I'm very optimistic that he has me on the right track.

What we already knew
I don't have any biomechanic issues. I don't over promate. My gait is good.

What I learned
Dr. Bob told me that my right leg is stronger than my right. Yep. This visit definitely confirmed it. My PT had me do some stregth and flexibility and balance tests.

I have very strong quads. But my right quad is nearly 2x as strong as my left. Yes, 2x. I was able to complete 9 reps on my left leg before fatigue. On my right, 16.

My dreams of being on the Olympic national team for gymnastics are shattered. My hamstring flexibility is poor. In fact, embarassingly poor.

On my right leg, my flexibility was 45%. My left 25%. It should 10%.

I did well here. It's in pretty good shape.

Not in too bad shape, but my left one is weaker than my right.

I'm down .5 pounds. Wahoo! The constant hunger pains have decreased. I think whatever I'm doing is starting to work. I hope anyway. I guess it's too soon to really know. That .5 pounds could be water!

Back on the Bike
Tomorrow I'm going to try to ride for 2 hours. And then back to Yoga for 2x4s (AKA Slow Movement Yoga).

Until next time,

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