Sunday, August 26, 2012

Squamish 50 Race Report and Where's Honeybee

Squamish 50
Squamish, BC
August 11, 2012
13:59:07* close to DFL

This race report is long overdue!
Please see my article for the Dallas Morning News for more details.

Rather than bore you with all the details, here's the reader's digest version...

Hardest Race I Have Ever Done 

  • 10,000 of climbing, 10,000 of descent. 
  • I was slower on the downhills than the uphills because it was more technical on the downs than I had anticipated.
  • I fought my stomach the entire race. After the 10K, the water tasted funny. And my stomach went to heck. 
  • Because my stomach was so bad, I made rookie mistakes. I didn't eat and I barely drank. This was stupid.  
  • I was chasing the clock the entire race. I had to run the hardest 10K I have ever run at the end of this race to beat the 14-hour cut off. I made it with less than a minute on the clock. 
  • I can't say I was officially last as the RD honored some finishers who were still on the course. I think that was a cool thing for him to do. This was a hell of a hard race. 
  • I was bib number 72 and I came in 72nd place. Next time I ask for bib number 10. 
Sprinting in the final yards with seconds left on the clock. 

Awesome Race Director, Awesome Race
  • For a first-year race, this was flawless. 
  • Gary Robbins, 5th place finisher at WS100 in 2010 (you see him at the end of the movie Unbreakable), did an amazing job! 
  • Aid stations were great! 
  • Lots of volunteers
  • The course was marked to oblivion. You would have to try to get lost. 
  • Gorgeous, Just Gorgeous. 
Best Support Crew EVER!
  • My girlie Libby Jones tagged along with me for my adventure. She was so encouraging and the smile that I needed when I saw her at the aid stations. 
Pictures Say it All


Don't know where I was, but I was happy. 

Getting the new La Sportiva Vertical Ks laced! 

Libby snapped this as I came up to mile 26. 

At the start of the race. 

Dallas Morning News 
I started writing a weekly column on trail and ultra running for the Dallas Morning News. You can read it every Tuesday at this link.

What's Next - Look Out! Mountains Ahead 
Martin and I are heading back to our favorite weekend get away, Leadville! We are going to climb a few 14ers and run some of the Leadville course. While it's a year away, we registered for Transrockies 6-day. This has been a dream race for both of us. Watch out because Team Multiple Trailgasms is going to kick some pass!

I have the honor and pleasure of pacing my dear friend Reece for his 2nd 100 miler, Wasatch. I was there for his first 100 and I can't express how happy I am to be there for this one. We have a team ready to get his ass up that pass -- me for miles 39-53. Martin the mountain goat takes over for 53-75 where the climbing is challenging and Chris gets the final 75-100. Chris was also there for Reece's first 100. It's going to be an EPIC weekend in Utah! 

That's all for now! Be Epic!