Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I hate the bike

I sprained my ankle pretty good on a tempo trail run on Sunday. It was my last run before my A race – Rocky Raccoon. Seems that raccoon got the best of me again this year and I never even toed the line.

The immediate aftermath of the sprain.

So for the next few weeks, the bike is my friend. But before we become friends, I would like to air my grievances about the bike.

Top 10 reasons I hate the bike
10. It makes my butt hurt. No matter how expensive my bike shorts are, my butt hurts.
9. Bike shorts make me feel like I am wearing a diaper.
8. You aren’t meant to exercise sitting on your ass (thank you Anne for mentioning this one to me).
7. I am peddling to nowhere most of the time because I can’t ride in the morning or in the evenings, which leaves a spin bike at lunch.
6. I seem to have two speeds – slow and slower.
5. I get bored.
4. If I’m on a hill, I want to throw my bike down and run up it.
3. I have lost entirely too many water bottles on Texas roads because I can’t seem to put them back in their cage while riding.
2. I’m mechanically challenged and something always brakes. There was a time when a VP at my company changed my flat of me.
1. I live in Texas where motorists either a) ask you if something is wrong when they see you on a bike because no one rides their bike on purpose around here or b) try to hit you because you’re in the way.


  1. I know it's tough not being able to do what you enjoy. Put your head down and get through it, before you know it you'll be running again.

  2. Same. Same. My bike sits in the garage with flat tires. I don't know when I'll be desperate enough to ride it again. Hope your ankle heals quickly and good for you for staying off of it! That's tough.

  3. PS. #10 is ALL about the saddle ;) I did my half ironman in a speedo jammer with no padding and was completely fine!

    Kyle @ SKORA Running

  4. I agree with all 10! Great post!